Bug/Feedback tracker for HW: Remastered?

Are these forums the most optimal or the only place to post feedback about current bugs, oversights and errors in the game?

Does GBX have any kind of bug tracker system like Bohemia Interactive with ARMA 3?

Sometimes it feels like certain issues, even trivial or minute ones get lost in a sea of thread clones about Vagyr kamikaze being overpowered or the lack of formations in HW1 strikecraft. Plus it would be nice having a system which told players whether specific issues have been acknowledged by the devs.

Thats why every bug should be posted in the mega thread that’s pinned. They wont get lost that way and it’ll only take one guy on their side an afternoon or two to input it into a bug tracker and sort it by category once they can start focusing on it (the worst of the technical bugs are fixed etc.)

Support tickets are a good way to go, too.