[bug]Fire/ice damage over time wont stop story mission

Hello fellas!

I found a bug with the damage over time in the story. I have no idea how this happend and I also have no video footage, but I hope that a description is enough.

I am not sure if someone reported it.

I played the mission “The Archive” and walked into the fire without seeing it. Of course I went out of the fire immediately. After the burning effect went off I just noticed that my character (one time Galilea and one time Wisky Foxtrot) still got the damage over time. After a long while I died to it (like a really long time) and it stopped. I also tried to run into the fire again, but nothing really changed. (Only the graphic fire effect was there again).
The same thing happend to me in “The Heliophage” with the ice dot as Isac.

I have no idea why this happend to me. Well, it did not ruin my story run, because I still had life tokens, but fixing it would be good, because imanging you have the perfect run on hardcore and you die because of that. That would be harsh.

It is not a game breaking bug, more an annoying one.

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