[BUG - Fix ASAP] Attacking mechanics are not working correctly, game changing bug

As I’ve written in Benedict subforum, the mechanics as I see them from perspective of 2 decades of playing FPS games, are wrong and that is the reason why it Unreal Tournament style champion such as Benedict is unplayable (the same mechanics probably work like this for all of the champions in the game, so fix is a must). But with him, the problem is very obvious. The triggering of the attack has lag and is not processed correctly!

The problem is, you won’t notice this on longer distances where delta of the angle moved is very small and slow (Ghalt’s chain has the same problem). But in close quarters where your delta angle changes rapidly in a fraction of a second you will notice this and maybe because of that there is an advantage to champions that have AoE attacks.

The problem is how the game processes the attack action (button press) and animation and attack execution (projectile moving). The solution is, that the attack execution happens after the animation ends.

I posted a video for proof. In the video I pressed Q and after the animation time delay ends you can see (i could hear it in my left speaker) that the projectile shoots at 90° angle sideways when it logically should shoot in front of me. The video is not of best quality, but it is good enough to get the point across.


Please fix this as soon as possible so we can enjoy this beautiful game. Thanks!

Havent seen the video, but from what you are describing it sounds like lag to me. Its much more noticeable on characters who have slower projectiles, such as Benedict and ISIC

It is not lag. It is connected to the animation execution in the code. The rocket shoots after the animation time ends. If I turn in that short time for 180° the rocket will shoot literally out of my ass. That is not lag.

Here is another video where it is clearly seen that the rocket is still flying in the wrong direction. Rocket starts flying after the rifle goes up because of “blowback” but the rocket is launched from my hip at 90° off. This time it is on YouTube so it will be easier to see.


EDIT: Added YT link also to first post.

I tried also Oscar Mike. On short distances when you rotate quickly (like when you are jumping around when everyone else is jumping), the bullets are literally hitting 3 meters behind the rifle and that is why it is very hard to hit somebody who is jumping. Their delta is too fast and the bullets always lag behind even on extremely short distances. I suspect that the code is either waiting for animation to end and is capturing an old 3D angle of the view while it should be current angle.

I imagine this is the “offness” ive felt in the shooting mechanics ever since I first fired up back in CTT…id tag @Jythri for a possible answer.

Im no dev by any stretch but that sounds pretty ingrained code-wise, not sure if its something to be easily patched out. I feel like this particular kink could explain why it feels nigh IMPOSSIBLE to reliably tag a jumping Thorn or a speed bursting Melka with auto weapons.

Exactly that! I always wondered how is it impossible to hit anyone jumping and this might just be the reason. I know my aim is not bad from playing hundreds of hours of FPS games. That is also why Thorn is good, players have learned to offset this problem by jumping in the air and shooting down. That way, they slow down the lateral speed of the opponent and have a bigger chance of hitting with an arrow.

I tried this right now on Thorn. Arrows do not fly when the animation ends and are offset so any moving target, jumping around you is extremely hard to hit. Same goes for any other shooting champion.

Which generates this “offness” as you call it which was bothering me since the beginning of my Battleborn gametime.

I think it can be fixed. They are probably taking wrong angle. They record the ViewAngle when the Attack/Skill button was released instead of taking the CurrentViewAngle which is what you would expect.

Attack Button = Released
Animation Timer = Start
Animation Timer = End
View Angle = Current
Projectile = Released

Right now, they have something mixed up in this algorithm because I can literally see Arrows and Bullets, standing at a distance 1 m from the wall, trail a lot behind the weapon (try this in Counter Strike or any other competitive FPS, I can tell you it is not like that) and they always fire after the animation ends. So if the animation lasts for 0.5 seconds, and you move during that time by let’s say 30° to the left, you will see the bullet offset by that amount. If you move even faster, you will start shooting from your hips or your ass.

It applies to skills also. That’s why I don’t like to play as Whiskey Foxtrot, besides I love character overall. His triple sticky grenades are very hard to land. I’m not very good at this game, but launching grenade in direction I’m not facing pisses me off.
P.S. Sorry for my english, it’s bad.

I would imagine (and hope) that weapons used by Oscar Mike, Whisky Foxtrot and the like use hitscan rather than projectile.

Hitscan weapons have no projectiles so there is no travel time. It draws a line to the first object it hits and then registers the hit. This happens instantly. So if they are using hitscan, then the animation shouldn’t affect it. I haven’t experienced issues like you’re saying with Oscar Mike, but I haven’t explicitly tested it either. If what you are saying is really happening this would lead me to believe they are not using hitscan which would be concerning for these types of weapons.

Projectile weapons have travel time so you must lead with them.

Looking at the video it does look like there is an issue with the delta time in regards to the rocket.

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I haven’t tested it yet, but maybe even melee works this way. I was constantly getting pissed how I couldn’t shove someone away when they were jumping around me and I was pretty much facing directly towards them.

Ah I see perhaps you are correct…maybe its just frame delay? All I know is fast, agile, thin characters like Thorn are essentially unkillable with an Auto weapon. Im no MLG no-scope pro but im a fairly tactical player with pretty good aim and been playin shooters since Rainbow Six 3…Mike, Foxtrot or Caldarius can just hang it up vs that elf.