Bug fixes?! ps4 please

i understand there’s a lot on your plate. and maybe this issue is more difficult to fix than some others, i am glad you guys are doing something and actually patching / hot fixing so don’t get me wrong.
but please fix some of these issues. game constantly crashes, weapons have reload glitch, and most importantly many players are being blocked from completing all trophies. i see you did something for xbox but ps4 needs some love. there’s an issue with location completions and with sidequest completions as the Dynasty Dash eden 6 and Dynasty Dash pandora do not show up on my map. as well as i’ve heard other people claiming it is not showing up for completion even though they’ve done the quest multiple times.
please fix this!

p.s./edit: i found the named location i was “missing” by rediscovering all areas on pandora. (even the slaughtershaft) and the achievement didn’t unlock. currently have 100% on every planet including 223/223 locations on galaxy view. yet no achievement. grrrr :frowning:

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Ans when Mayhem mode will enable on PS4 and Xbox on tvhm? 3 patches and no news about this…

i’m not sure what you mean. Mayhem mode becomes available after completing campaign on TVHM? hope that helps !

Problem is you can activate mayhem in tvhm on PC as soon as Sanctuary is available, when you have to finish game a second time on console

oh. that is very lame