[BUG] FL4K can't get out from the secret white chest location (above door) in Tannis lab

I guess FL4K is bit bigger than the other VH and so he can’t get out anymore there, sucks because the next respawn station is far far away.

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What secret chest? Are we talking about the lab in Konrad’s Hold?

It’s a secret chest. If they told you where it is it wouldn’t be secret anymore.

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Everything is technically a secret to somebody. And remember: if you’re not technically right, then technically you’re wrong.

No, no, I agree.

In fact, the point is, I agree but I disagree, and I agree to disagree so long as we agree about the things we disagree on.

Also the fact about feelings is that feelings ain’t fact, so don’t be quick to hurt a fact checkers feelings, ya know.

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I also noticed how his hitbox or collision box is a bit taller then other characters and I m a bit surprised about it.

Yes, FL4K can get stuck in many places the others can move around with no problem, for example the table in Mayas/Avas room and FL4K takes damage from the Sawblades in Cathedral of the Twin Gods by just walking under them. On the other hand I have the feeling that Moze is smaller than all others.

Edit: They also have massive problems navigating the windows on Eden-6.

Yeah it’s already narrow with others to get out there, but FL4Ks size is just a bit to big to get out again, I really tried everything included a throwing a grenade while being stuck etc. At the end I had to fast travel and that station is at the beginning of the level.

Also to solve that “secret” (really thought everyone knows already) that “secret” white chest is above the red chest and to reach it you need to press the button to close the door and then press the button again and quickly jump on the door that swings up.

I’m not even sure what red chest you might be referring to. I don’t recall one in Tannis’ lab in Konrad’s Hold. I suppose I’ll have to look into it. I haven’t diligently tracked down all the red chests.

You can fastravel to slaughter shaft, its close enough. I do same thing, becouse door wont open for me, openning button still white and no interaktive.

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