Bug - Flak Off!

As requested by GBX support after ticket #108842, I’m making a thread on the forums. (If I’d made a thread, I’d have been told to submit a ticket :rolling_eyes:)

Whiskey Foxtrot’s Lore Challenge (Flak Off!) reads that you’re supposed to push back 2500 (two thousand five hundred) with the scrap cannon.

I was able to complete it after only 250 push backs.

Obviously, there’s a bug somewhere. According to Xavier T, 2500 is the correct number, though that seems crazy. That’s 10.5 hours of continuously knocking back enemies as soon as it comes off cooldown. Seems a bit grueling for a lore challenge.

Anyone else notice this or have input?

Well I did it with the correct amount as far as I can tell and did so by using the helix options for knockback and having up to 3 charges in pretty much every match or mission I played. The knock back is actually great for getting a melee char off of you :stuck_out_tongue:


Since the flak is actually a bunch of small, separate projectiles, maybe each one that hits counts as a separate knockback, rather than the single cast of the skill.

I assumed something like that. Lore counter is increasing much faster than it should by the description. After my first WF mission it was at 200+ though I rarely recalled to use the skill.

I remember being just shy of 200 push backs. The next match (pve) I made a pretty concerted effort to use the pushback.

So unless we think it’s possible that I got 2300 pushbacks in one match, I got them after 250. -shrug-