Bug: Follow Typhon

Follow Typhon just sits there, he doesn’t activate and allow me to do next thing. I looked it up, I’m supposed to dig up 4th key next down by the grave and tree, but it doesn’t engage. He just stands there at entrance to that lower area.

Something with the latest patch has messed this last complete section up… ive jumped in multiple lobbies and they’re all stuck on various parts of this final quest… first typhon got stuck at the grave n wouldnt open the headstone, then tannis got stuck n wouldnt take the key, now typhon doesnt move to let the vh place the first of the 4 keys… with restarting the game / system we’ve pushed him this far n now wont budge at all… personally im glad ive already gotten atleast 2 characters finnished but something with the ghosts has broken the final quest

mine did fix itself on restart, i was able to get past.