(BUG) found in the malevolent practice sidequest

I was in the middle of the malevolent practice side quest where you go to the anvil and fight the second anointed bandit the one that turns into a fireball and flies around the area he flew off the edge of the map and died in the out-of-bounds area it counted as me defeating him but then it says to shatter the anointed. problem is the anointed corpse that would be left behind doesn’t even exist because it fell out of bounds now I can’t continue the quest.


This happened to me as well is there anyway you can fix this

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Same here, just happened to me. Hopefully theirs a fix.

Edit: I left the Anvil and came back, seems to be working now. The clue dropped where he originally spawned.


Yep works for me!

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Same thing happened to me it says shatter him but he’s not here

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Thank you for this. I would’ve walked around aimlessly for hours.

Omg thank you!

Same thing happened to me.