[Bug] Friends set to appear offline appear online in game

Figured Id file this bug report but, I have a friend who sets their activity to offline most of the time but when I play Borderlands 3, it shows them offline and I get the popup notifications from them.

Repro steps:

  1. Load Borderands 3 on 2 separate PS4s with two separate PSN enabled accounts, and have them be friended.
  2. Have one of those two players set their presence to offline.
  3. Have both players launch Borderlands 3
  4. Once in game, have the Online player look at their friends list,
  5. Observe offline friend is listed as online.
  6. Have the offline player complete a challenge or loot Purple gear.
  7. Observe online player is getting notifications of Offline players activity.

the same problem on Xbox one !!! and it’s very not cool and a very problem for most users !!! all see when you are online because the game notifications go to the screen of all player in the friends list !!! and all in the friends list know that you are online !!!

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… Tbh … Sometimes i don’t want people to see what i’m up to, especially if we’re playing the same game. It’s a… Uhhh, “Problem” that shouldn’t really be a problem. Or something you wouldn’t think would be a problem “Why does it matter if people see what people are up to?” … Take me for example i don’t want my GF to see that i’m playing a game. — I already got my butt chewed tf out because “WHY ARE YOU PLAYING WITHOUT ME?!” It doesn’t matter now, ofc. But Eh. It’s a problem and i’m sure theres some others that will have the same arrangement.

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I believe this may answer your question though I’m not 100% confident. If anybody could test this for me, thatd be great.

Off the main menu u hit triangle for edit group.
Go to the gears for settings on the right and scroll to “Local only”

When I checked the roster feature of BL3 it shows I’m not connected and roster doesnt pop up for me anymore. I could assume this means others do not see your online status.

As far as in game notifications for all friends. I think going to options>network & social>under notifications make social notification frequency as “off” should work.

Again not 100% but I hope this helps?

FALLENEXILIAS i have tested the 2 options and don’t work :wink:

  1. local you are been offline in game but friends receved the notifications challenges in game

  2. with option in social (under notifications) you don’t receved notification challenge of your friends but you send always the notifications challenges in the screen of your friends

thanck’s and scusy for my bad english

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Just unplug your Ethernet cable or disconnect from your wireless network. The game still works without an active internet connection.

I wouldn’t exactly call it a bug it’s just a case of another game where the appear offline option on your console isn’t linked to the game. GB needs to either link it or add an in-game appear offline option.
I last had this with Warframe where a friend was appearing offline but we could still see him in game. We started appearing offline as a joke where as with this one we have a meme going.