[BUG] FX culling and inconsistencies

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Stargazer is part timing with us again and spent some time trying to see what could be done better in STC with the Custom Code. First thing done (because the default GBX “push” on ships just isn’t noticeable) was to redo our old explosion script for the Custom Code. Despite some oddities (the individual ship is not in the CustomGroup SOB Group until the “Update” function) it was up and running very quickly except for some FX errors. Stargazer delved into that some more, here is the quantification of observations made:

We have several effects (fx), which do not play correctly under most conditions. They’re culled: parts are played, other parts not, sometimes nothing is played at all, very rarely they’re played completely. Since they’re part of our ship’s death explosion, playing only some particles, only the lens flare or only the background glow looks very ugly.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Testing showed that any fx seems to play fine, if we set it as the hitfx of a weapon, which means, the fx itself is not the problem. It’s also not a PC resource problem, many can be spawned and they all work fine (exhibit A & B). However, if we set the fx as an event of a ship, it’s bugged. If we call the fx from a script (FX_PlayEffect), it’s bugged. If we place the fx within the combo fx of a different hitfx, it’s bugged. It happens for very large/complicated fx (huge explosions) as well as simple fx (spawn 3 debris meshes).

@BitVenom @joekgbx @pdeupree @thisquietreverie, any checking/poking of appropriate product owners would be appreciated

Is the Exhibit B FX spawning a bunch of sovereign hulls as death particles? o.O

It’s also unclear (to me at least) what’s going wrong in the Exhibit A gif.

Sort of! This is demonstrating that the debris fx itself is fine by using it as a hit FX on its own. But when it is called in the event file on death, it doesn’t play all parts of the fx all the time (or at all).

Nothing is going wrong with the Exhibit A gif, this is another demo of the FX working fine by calling it as a hit fx on its own (just not on death as described)

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Does your problem has anything to do with this bug?

Except for the lack of connection to hyperspacing it seems very similar :thinking:

We got around this by accessing the combo FX and playing each individual FX directly via a script.

There’s still some weirdness going on (as the first 20-ish ships in a starting fleet never get their FX played) but yeah, consider this band-aided for us.

Check it out in action on Steam, this month’s update is there already :slight_smile:


is this related to starting fleet ships or will scripted ships like persist be problematic too?

As far as we’ve seen starting fleet ships are the only ones affected, with our full fleet starting option. And again that’s only with our combo fx workaround