[Bug] [Game-Breaker] Sentinel

Stuck in immortal mode. Team had to mass-suicide to leave the mission.

Also, the house-sized hitbox is still behind the sentinel, pushing everyone within 100 feet behind it away.

Wouldn’t it be better just to remove the recharge phases? They’re bad enough for melee as is with that house-sized-hitbox issue, now it’s clear there’s a chance of perma-immortal from them as well.

ive had this issue as well also in the section at the start were you’re on the elevator ive had minions clip trough the floor and get stuck

I read in Beta that this happens if your team destroys the crystals too quickly.

Did you guys destroy the crystals before the Sentinel got to them?

Yes, and that in itself is not the cause.
Just about every game I end up in the Sentinel mission, someone destroys the crystals immediately to hurry the fight along.

Regardless, it’s no excuse for keeping a game-breaker in. =P

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No, it’s no excuse. But perhaps a coordinated group can manage to not eff that up while it’s broken.

Make this twice in one day this has happened now. Wow, lol.

It seems to be when it’s about to jump, just as the last crystal is destroyed, the bug will happen.

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