[BUG} Game crashes when capturing Heavy Cruiser

Game crashes to desktop when capturing the Heavy Cruiser on mission 11 on Homeworld 1 Remastered

Destroying the enemy is fine and all, but some people like to play the salvage game play through single player. This makes salvage style through the story-line broken.

(This is the how I was playing through, may or may not need this order) Load Mission 11, Capture all Destroyers while destroying all Frigates. The last ship to be captured will be the Heavy Cruiser (it blows up Salvage Corvettes a lot). Once final 1 or 2 Salvage Corvette’s latch on and begin moving, game crashes to desktop.

I’m having a similar problem in Mission 11 as well, but not with the HC. I already captured an HC from the Super-nova Station mission, and I’ve got 2 Destroyers already in my Mothership being captured, and when the 3rd one goes in, it immediately crashes. See Crashing on Mission 11 HW1R