[BUG] Game hardlocks after an ad

Game locks up after watching an ad. Both times it was the game of war ad. No reward, have to close and re-open program to continue playing.

Using a Samsung Note 5.

Mine does the same. If I’ve just opened the app I can maybe watch one video and collect the reward. Otherwise it freezes and I have to close out and restart without reward. The video played doesn’t seem to matter, they all have the same result. I use an HTC One M8.

I don’t even bother with the videos anymore, it’s not worth the hassle (especially when I hate ads in the first place…)

Glad I am not the only one experiencing this, and my phone is brand new, so I know that wasn’t the issue. I can sometimes watch two or even three videos before it happens, but then is will freeze on every subsequent attempt, and it is mighty annoying.

Also, this game destroys the battery life. Like, hardcore. It needs to be better optimized.

Yes, it chews up my battery in like two hours max. It’s fine if I’m busy during the day and check it for five minutes, but if I’m going to prestige cycle or something I’d better play while on the charger. Better still if I have something cold to put it on, haha.