[Bug] Game won't recognize my active connection, cannot play online

I am connected to the internet and psn as always (in fact other online games work just fine), but the game keeps giving me a network error telling me I must connect to PSN when I am perfeclty connected.

Best thing is if I press on my user in the group menu ingame and press view profile it opens up my psn profile straight away, but I keep getting the ‘you must sign in to psn’ error.

This is a new issue, I am playing since launch with friends and never had any problems so far, but ever since a few days we keep having connection problems.

Other people reporting the same error:

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Having same issue. Tried restarting game several times and even refreshing my internet connection. Game will not recognize my active PSN connection.

Having the same issue. Tried on two different PS4s.

Does the PS4 have the equivalent of the XBox’s ‘clear cache’ function? If so, does that help at all?

The other thing to look at would be if there’s been some change or update to your router/modem in terms of firewall settings. I’m not sure how easy it is to figure that stuff out from the PS4 itself though?

No, that doesn’t help, I even reset my ps4 to factory settings but it didn’t change a thing, but thanks for the reply and the idea.

Apparently psn is having some issues for some people today, and even though that doesn’t explain why other games work and BL3 won’t, it could be the issue.

My firewall and router settings are ok also, I have not made any changes or updates recently and I’m playing the game since launch.

Depending on your settings, BL3 does connect to your platform network quite a bit even during solo play, so if PSN is a bit hit and miss connection-wise, that wouldn’t help. The main culprit seems to be in-game social notifications about what your friends are doing in-game, or whether they’re on the same map as you. You can adjust the frequency of these notifications (via the Social menu iirc) and see if that improves stability.