[BUG] Gear Loadout UI Problem w/ VIDEO

When pressing a piece of Gear in the Loadouts and then pressing a piece of gear in the Gear Bank, the selected position in Gear Bank will jump to a random place and not the piece of Gear you try to select. For some reason it does not happen 100% of the time, but most of the time nonetheless.

I tried to see what the pattern was, as in which piece of gear it will jump to, did it always jump to the middle of the bank, two rows from the last selected piece of gear, where I have to scroll etc. But couldn’t figure this one out.

This seems to only happen with a Mouse, since browsing gear with a controller works differently. (You can’t scroll independent of your gear selection position)

EDIT: Here’s a video showing what I’m talking about.

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This bug is still happening, has been happening since the beta and it’s still just as annoying if not more so.

Players spend a lot of time in the gear menu, but as it stands it’s buggy and counter-intuitive to use. It needs a ton of QoL improvements that I really hope are being looked into.

Currently I just avoid using the gear page as much as possible :confused:

I’m going to list other things here too that I’d like to see and have seen other people mention in-case a dev sees this;

  • Mass buy loot packs
  • Mark gear (Favorite, Trash)
  • Mass sell gear
  • Automatically delete duplicate gear
  • Sort Gear by Secondary effect and Negative Effect* (Or add a search function?)

*The way gear can be sorted in Lowlidevs site is a good reference

Not fixed with the winter update, sadly. Are there any plans to address this? Pretty please?

Note; Otherwise the gear menu seems to be much more responsive, kudos to that.

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