Bug: Getting Thrown Across Map

So there seems to be a bug where you can be randomly thrown across the map on Incursion Mode. I happened to me on both Echelon and Overgrowth maps. I’d be running along and suddenly I’m flying through the air to land somewhere across the map. On Echelon I was thrown maybe 40 meters, on Overgrowth I was suddenly thrown from my first Sentry all the way to the enemies spawn, I actually landed on their final Sentry… and proceeded to be shredded by it and all their turrets. Doesn’t seem to be anything that triggered the jumps, one time I was engaged with enemies the other I wasn’t, the distance thrown is much different, whether there’s a ceiling or not doesn’t seem to matter as I was launched through it on Echelon, and I wasn’t having any kind of connection issues that might have caused it.

Did you get hit by a Thrall? I’m pretty sure there was a bug in Open beta related to Thralls knocking people across the map on rare occasions.

Nope, on the Echelon map I was in with some bots but nothing that has knockback. And on Overgrowth I wasn’t even near enemies, I was just running along after respawning