[Bug] Got stuck in a corner in Algorithm as Montana

I was playing Algorithm (Episode 1) on Normal Difficulty with a friend, and we were at the Galactic Emperor fight. The Galactic Emperor did his attack that flings you away, and it ended up putting me in the corner of an arena behind a drill - and I got stuck there! I could jump out, I couldn’t dash out, I couldn’t jump + dash out. My friend tried to help me out, but nothing we did worked. He jumped into the corner as well, but he was able to jump out (with some effort) playing as Oscar Mike.

It seems the problem is there’s a spike there that collides with Montana’s body, blocking him from making any high enough jumps to be able to get out, and the corners are too narrow to squeeze out of. I’ve atached screenshots of where I was located in.

I finally quit the episode, but thankfully was able to rejoin the mission. Still, this was super frustrating. Is there a solution here I missed?