Bug Guardian Level and XP


I got an issue with the game : my guardian level up from 21 to 40 after 1 quest in normal mode mahyem 2. I read a lot of topic about guardien token, so I think that this issue is aknowledge.

But now, when I play, each kill give me a lot of XP… 20 sec to get a guardin level and 2 minutes to get a level (45 > 46)…

any idea ?

Do you have a gear item equipped that is giving you an XP boost?


No. But after a new sync with the cloud, the issue seems to be solved.
The game was offline. I have already read a ticket with XP bug in offline mode… Maybe the same issue.

Now, i have the guardien level bug (-20 tocken) cause a spent them during the issue

Same here, I was like 48 guardian, started playing again, did one quest and got 40 more ranks, spent them. When I quit and started again later, i has - 40 guardian tokens but my applied points stayed.