Bug help in the shadow of starlight mission

Mission: In the shadow of starlight

Problem: the portal tyreen opens is not appearing

Backstory: I was playing with my 2 other friends one of them hosting, my game crashed just before the cutscene.
We completed the game I loaded back in to his game.

Later when I join my own game it shows me the cutscene I missed but the portal is not apparent I cannot find a way to progress any help would be appreciated.
I have tried going in to their game through the portal but it dosnt help the progress on my game.


The same exact situation has happened to me and i still cant fix it. Same mission same bug and i was playing with two friends. Any chance you figured out how to fix it

Still waiting for a reply I have not figured it out yet

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I got the same exact bug on the same exact mission. solo play for me, but i finished killing the annointed whateveritwas, went to pick up loot realquick, tabbed to my inventory and it froze. ok, whatev, not the first time. got up, went and got a soda, and checked my email to make sure it wan’t my computer. nope. game would not leave my inventory. task manager and killed Bl3, restarted and cinematic played. cool. minimap shows blue icon for portal to new area, no portal. restarted, started new character and switched. nothin. I can travel to different planets, and even see the new zone in the Sanctuary Fast travel, but cannot go there. Help Please!

Same problem here. cutscene crashed my game (my friend was host) and when i loaded it back up it was stuck on chapter 22 with no waypoint. tried another progressing a mission on another char. tried doing a random side mission. tried re-zoning. cant get anything to work.

I was able to fix this by rejoining a playthru that was before the part where Tyreen shows up and SPOILERS Typhon. Then the tannis made a new portal and we went thru and finished chapter 23 and it fixed my game as well! hope this helps you guys.

just try to go into matchmaking and see if you can find a host before the cutscene :slight_smile:

Having the same issue, any solutions?

its 2020 and a friend and i just played the story untill chapter 22. Now we are stuck with same bug, what a lovely game it is.

Yup… still bugged. I can’t get back to Typhon.


It’s already May 2020, and guess what? I’m having the same problem, game crashed and there’s no portal.