Bug help with brains and super marcus sweep missions on xbox one

Anyone on xbox one help with two bugs plz. First is brains given by zombie tk. They won’t drop the brains I’m told going into a game with somebody will fix this.

The second one is super marcus sweep. Buged countdown not done but steal loot is. From what I can gather if I go into somebody’s game who has started this and do it with them it will correct its self.
So will somebody help me please

You are getting critical hits, right? IIRC the killing blow has to be a head shot to pop the skull contents out, so if the weapon you’re using applies elemental DoT that may be causing an issue.

Glitched farming the armory? Is this Pt.1 or Pt.2, and what level are you?

I got a bug report from gearbox on brains and they said that’s how I fix it.
Playthrough 2 at level 69

Unfortunately I’ve completed that mission on both my level 69 Pt.2 characters. Hopefully someone else still has it available.

Is it still possible for 360 players to play with xbx1 players?

AFAIK yes. You’ll need to do the match-making and partying thing through the emulated 360 system menu though (hit both start and menu buttons on the controller to popup the familiar set of tabs).

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In that case I may be able to help the op with his farmoury lock out.
I specifically made one character per armoury mission on playthrough 1 and 2 but it’s been so long since I unlocked someone’s game I’m not sure if I still have them.
I’ll check and get back on this thread.

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