[BUG] Hgn shipyard targeting issue

I have noticed with several ships that Hgn shipyards are able to target the ships and fire at them but unable to do any damage except initially.

Notice in the image that nearly every shipyard is firing at the resource collector, but after the first few seconds they stop doing damage.

Is there an explanation for this? It is weird.

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Isn’t this a core game issue though? If ‘the’ Shipyard is affected, it’s an important bug, not a modding topic.

There’s a possibility it’s a mod issue though. Scripts might be located just about anywhere and missed since the 2.0 patch.

I created a minimal test mod for this issue.

You will see that the shipyards will attack the resource collectors, but that they will do zero damage.

It could be that the test mod is too minimal, and that I am missing an important file. I’m not sure.

It also happens with probes and other non-combat ships. Could it be a family issue?


Update. Forgot a file.


The problem is not just with not taking damage, but with projectiles always missing. I also switched to the MS hull defense gun with no change in behavior.


I ruled out it being a .ship file issue by saving the “hgn_mothership.ship” file over the “hgn_shipyard.ship” file (and making a few adjustments). Could the hull defense gun hardpoints be misaligned?

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