Bug Hunt DLC Service Record Glitch?

I’ve completed the full 30 waves of 3 BH maps both online and offline at Recruit Difficulty,then I looked the BH stats at my service record: It listed my best time on Recruit Difficulty for all 3 maps (but stats color is still grey).After this,I tried to finish BH at Badass Difficulty,the BH stats is also ‘greyed’ out and my best time is still shown at Recruit Difficulty,implying that I haven’t completed it yet…Does anyone know what might be up with that? I’ve finished all other records (68/79),please help me to finish this,thanks!

Mine does the same thing. Just another issue that never got fixed. If you can access the old forums, I think this issue is tied into a “patch” to fix some other issues…that broke some things. I vaguely remember a patch screwing the trophy system up at some point that platinum is next to impossible

Never mind the “old forums”. Gearbox " archived" them…by deleting most of the pages, and a good chunk of the pages with each article they DO let you see.

What should I do for solving this problem?

I think you’re boned. Condoles can’t do anything. Pc modders spend all their time fixing the billions of gameplay issues and to undo many of the flat out horrible ideas that were brought to the game. Don’t think anyone is working for “completionests”

This is a real strange bug. I never got this bug after finishing BH (all waves). But one of my buddies got this bug as well. He played it on german, after he finished BH, everything was gone. And I mean EVERYTHING, even the SP states.

On the second run he played the game on english. He got no trouble so far, even after finishing all waves and maps on BH. I think this game is really broken with other languges or region settings. I can´t even chat with my buddies in gameplay, when one person is using another languge setting than english.

Now my record stats is 70/79,but I didn’t play BH even…

I got this issue too, shortly after the game was launched I and a few other forum regulars completed BH on UB (took HOURS), but my record shows Soldier difficulty - WTF!

I mean, things like this that were infuriating on release are just bugs that I must deal with while playing.

Shame we wont get any official tools to work on this ourselves.