Bug Hunt Xeno Heads

The best part of this game for me, as a Aliens fan, Bug hunt really gives me the good feels about this game. The one part i dont like is that at wave 7-8 the xenos get these dino heads… i just want normal xenos to battle. anyone who knows how to get normal xenos for bug hunt? i know about the “no dino heads mod” but it dosen’t work… any ides?

Thanks in advance!

Try this mod~

Yeah, sadly i have already tryed that, and they still appear :frowning:

If your PC, there’s some mods made by fans to give you a TRUE aliens experience. If Xbox or ps3, you’re stuck with “labor of love”

I am on PC, any mod tips for my problem? :smile:

I’m PS3, so my info is shakey at best. But @Cilitbeng is/was doing stuff that did that. Or maybe it was projectjib or jab, something like that. It had lurkers only, welding, ACTUAL pulse rifles with 99 in the clip.

Our mod removes xeno dinoheads from bug hunt.
It’s about to get released soon, so you have to wait.

Okey, nice, do you have a WIP post i can follow? :slight_smile:

on these forums:

it’s been a while since we gave out an update but lots of progress has been made.

Super nice, i am really exited for this mod, cant wait :acmboast: