Bug - immortal enemies

Enemy health drops to 0 (or 1 hp) and nothing will kill them. Bug occurred about 5 times, thought it’s limited to event enemies only, but SpecOps Repulse Commando also happened to be unkillable.

They aren’t unkillable. You need weapons that do more damage

looks more like a bug then it’s a damage problem though… he brought it down to 1HP… and you’re saying he needs more damage? :joy:

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Are you using the legendary with the red text “I have one rule” no killing! finishes the quote from a batman movie.
That gun literally can’t kill. It will leave the enemy with 1hp

just had this happen (then he moved) and i could kill him…

there’s a bug where enemies manage to move into a closed area (behind a wall for example) even if for a tiny bit, they’ll just stay there with 1HP

so this can be labled as a bug :wink:

No, it’s a bug.

Ran into this with the last boss of the mansion, he was running in place and wouldn’t die or attack.

Wow GBX really screwed this patch up, BAD!
Today’s hotfix nerfed mayhem level drops In pandora too! All my farming at M7 yields lvl 57 damage stats

This is a well known bug regarding this particular buggy enemy. He has a special death animation where he has to teleport frantically and then explode. The problem is sometimes this animation fails (frozen or knockbacks or whatever) and leaves him in the immortal state.

Its been in the game since release.