BUG: In-Between-Rendain bosses trigger their phases based on flat health instead of percentage

I’ve noticed this bug on Advanced with 5 people playing.

Those bosses that spawn after you deplete Rendain’s sheild but before the final fight. The bosses from previous campaign missions.

The point is, those bossed don’t trigger their phases until they are very low on health.

Example: Conservator starts summoning the shielding varelsi only at something like 20% health left.

This is obviously due to the transition between phases being tracked by a flat remaining hp instead of percentages (there is a lot more of hp on bosses on advanced).

I think this should be fixed.

Honestly, I’m okay with this. It makes them MUCH easier to deal with and considering that it’s nearly impossible already I want every advantage I can get.

Toning down overall max health and arranging phases properly would be a step in a right direction. In the current states, no matter if it makes it easier or better, it’s a bug. And bugs should be fixed.

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Advanced Heliophage is not too difficult solo or with a small team. It scales out of control with 4-5 team members though.

I actualy just had this problem happen in a game, 5 people. All the bosses didnt do any phases until around 20% or less health.

Frankly it made the Gunhulk easier to deal with as the beams just kept killed him while we worked on another boss.