Bug in castle crimson side area

in the side area accessed from the escher room are 3 areas, first one as you enter is fine, but both the one to the left behind a gate and the one on the right accessed by a door, are not opening. ive jumped the wall on the left and been able to search that area, but no mobs spawn. on the right side ive found a way to get to the roof and look around. can even jump down behind the church and next to a tunnel. looks like i could have gone under the whole dlc if i’d turned around and jumped down. am i missing a trigger for the door? or is this a bug. as you can see, ive been looking pretty hard :slight_smile:

It’s a part of the side mission.

the one about the 2 cold npc’s at the bottom of the escher tower?

No, the one available once you finish this map.

thanks, i think i just started that one. hate when you can reach an area but cant tell you jumped ahead.