Bug in "Dirty Deeds" mission (Bounty of Blood DLC)

In the “Dirty Deeds” mission, there is a part where the Vault Hunter needs to drop down from a ventilation shaft and steal three bath products in the room. At that point, I got stuck and had no way to get out. My only option was to fast travel out through the map menu or just quit and reload.

I have since looked at a playthrough of the mission, and it seems that the door inside the room should be opened by enemies when the player interacts with any of the key items. However, I cannot get the door open by any means. Anyone else having this problem?

You have to climb the pipes in the room and go through a hole in the wall silly guy

There are no pipes in the room, and the walls have no holes.

Skip to 2:50

I’m not talking about that room. Go to 3:22. That is the room that I’m talking about. The door never opened for me.