[BUG] In game voice chat crashing Battleborn

This just started happening to me after the Montana Ops update. Any time I try to communicate via in game voice chat the game crashes and so does Steam. At first I tried resetting my push to talk button to default but that didn’t work then I turned push to talk off and just speaking into the open mic crashed it too. I have updated to the latest NVidia drivers (despite not using NVidia for audio), validated my game files and Steam is also updated. I tried again last night and same thing. I had to rebind my push to talk key to something I would never use because in PVP it’s just instinct for me to try and communicate vocally with my teammates. I have found at least one other person who started experiencing this same thing since the update.

Any help or suggestions?

I know when the same sort of bug was happening during the Borderlands 2 days it took a game patch to fix the issue for people so I’m guessing this might be the same sort of thing…

Same, Working,…working…working. Recent patch. Steam client crashes moments after I push to talk. The game still is running but it cant function without the steam client running. The steam client crashes so abruptly that no crash report is triggered. Tried just about everything except a driver purge and reinstall. Nothing.

I can’t remember if you were one of the people I was playing with in Discord the other night but if you aren’t that makes you the second person I have come across experiencing the same issue as myself since the update.

I really hope there is a quick fix for this because playing PVP without proper communication is pretty bad.

I also started a thread in the Steam forums in case there’s anyone you guys know having this particular issue that does not have a Gearbox forum account: http://steamcommunity.com/app/394230/discussions/0/133256240743436482/

Please add your examples so the developers can get a clearer idea of how many people this is effecting.

Came across another player having this same issue but looks like they didn’t post here when I asked them to.

Try updating your sound driver. I will need to test a bit more, but I think it might have worked for me.