Bug in Menu since update

Im on XB1X.
For me this is how it happens.

  1. Open Inventory
  2. Press A on an equipped item (gun, grenade whatever doesnt matter) to compare with what is in inventory.

What happens almost everytime for me is.

  1. Everything in backpack stays Example: Highlight gun not only are guns showing but also grenades and shields.
  2. Or it will show 3 shields, ok fine, but on one it says Empty (even though I have 3 shield in BP.) and wont equip.

Only way I have found to get it to straighten out some what , not completely is to
Highlight an item then rapid LT and RT over and over.
This atleast gets rid of the empty still shows more the just the type you want to compare to.

Wanted to know if this is something they know or is new. Been happening since update, lastnight.

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