Bug in Slaughterstar 3000

I was in Slaughterstar 3000, and going good (first time beyond round 2 :open_mouth: :smiley: )
Killing enemies like chaff…

When Suddenly Round 4, Wave 4… One big freaking giant skyscraper sized robot appear on one side…
I started shooting it with Cloud Kill (which leaves a damaging gas cloud on successful hit)

Then a second humongously sized giant Robot appeared on the other side and killed me from behind before I realised what was happening.

When I respwaned and did Wave 5 again, the giant robots DID NOT appear again and I completed Round 5 by just killing mob! :open_mouth:

I mention Cloud Kill because I could see the deadly gas cloud lingering, and I wonder if it is that which prevented giant robot from appearing / killed them?

Not cloud kill, it’s just buggy. Sometimes after you die they won’t despawn at all.

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oh… ok, damn! :confused: