Bug in The Archive

Seems to be a bug that sometimes when you are lit on fire you will be continually on fire until you die. I was on fire from the escort part of the mission, till the end boss where I finally couldn’t get enough health back to combat the constant fire. I tried running into the fire again, but it only got rid of the animation of being on fire. I even tried running into water lol. The damage still ticked away at my health. This is the 2nd time it’s happened to me and I’m not sure why it happens. Hope you guys can look into this

They’ll want to know what system this occurred on.

Xbox one

Happened to me as well on PS4.

I didn’t last till the end boss though, that fire DoT got me good along with all the enemies.

It was annoying. Hope they fix it.

Steam, just happened. I caught fire and I couldn’t stop the damage