Bug in the game, that won't let my game work properly

For some reason when I finish malwayan takedown and I quit the game and rejoin it keeps spawning at sanctuary and I am wondering if someone can help me with this, cause it’s not working anymore, the game won’t let me play or anything, please help

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If you’re “spawning at sanctuary” then it sounds like the game is, in fact, working?

If you’re trying to directly join a multiplayer game and it hangs or crashes while trying to spawn in Sanctuary, then try loading into a solo game before joining multiplayer.

If you’re successfully loading into Sanctuary but the Maliwan Takedown isn’t available, make sure you’re loading into a character/difficulty where you’ve beaten Tyreen.

If neither of those situations apply, please be more clear about your situation.

Im not doing multiplayer at all, I’m solo player, I beat the takedown,but when I quit the game im in and reload,it’s not loading me back at the beginning on the takedown, which it’s supposed to do

You can FT to Sanctuary and back to Takedown. It will reset the raid.

Before quitting out just teleport back to the drop pod and make sure it registers you. When you relog you’ll respawn at the drop pod like you should.

Also my Zane ability don’t seem to be working and my band sitorak shield isn’t stacking anymore

This was never intentional. This is an exploit.

It’s not only that, it seems like my abilities for my Zane where shut off

I’ve experienced an issue with my Zane where his kill skill icons don’t show as active even when they are.

That’s what has been happening to me, I’m wondering if I have a corrupt save file problem also

PS4 will have Zane active abilities and some icons won’t show. It is an on going issue since release. Your takedown is functioning as intended. They do not want save loads across half the map. You must restart by starting from Sanctuary.

I see

You always end up in Sanctuary if you quit the game at any point after you started a Takedown, it’s perfectly normal. How exactly is that preventing you from playing? If you want to do the Takedown again, all you need to do is travel back there and pull the lever at the beginning to restart it.

I’ve had it where I rejoin the game and it keeps me at the beginning of the takedown

It will do that sometimes. It will only do it for me if I finish takedown and shutdown PS4 system. Normally quitting till I get home from work. If not will load me to Sanctuary, but I know what you are talking about.

Thats not always true. I don’t know what triggers it, but you can load the game multiple times to change the Mayhem modifiers and always be in Midnight’s Cairn as posted by @grahamy111. And sometimes it will move to Sanctuary at bridge.


I confirm that it happens since day one , when reloading the map to reroll crappy mayhem modifiers it sometimes respawn you at sanctuary

Yeah, but you’d do that before you start the actual Takedown, right at the landing Capsule in Midnights Cairn, right? Once you are past the actual start of the Takedown, you know, after pulling that lever, you will always respawn in Sanctuary.

I don’t understand why

because they released this game too early and there are bugs everywhere and they struggle to fix it now