Bug in VIP Shift Code Redemption

First off, thanks a ton for adding the option to redeem shift codes online rather than having to type them in from my XBOX controller! That said, it’s not working for Borderlands GOTY and presumably any other mulit-platform codes I’ve tried. When I enter a GOTY code I get the “Your account is not yet linked with the platform for this code: PSN” message. It’s not smart enough to realize that I DO have a game that the code will work on. If otoh, I go and key it into the XBOX, the code works fine. I’d really appreciate it (as I’m sure others would) if the website could be fixed to accept codes for the XBOX!



Redemption directly on the shift also seems to work. Not sure what’s up with the VIP site itself, although the Chrome browser doesn’t seem to like it - if that’s your usual browser, that may be the issue.

seems vip site doesn’t like goty codes, try shift.gearboxsoftware.com , shift website seems to work and understand what system you are using

Yeah, I’m on Chrome, so if that’s it then that would explain it. Thanks for the reference to the shift website. Hadn’t bothered to look there. I’m guessing this has been around for a long time and I’ve just been wasting my time keying things in on the Xbox!


Hi there, I’m having a few issues with code redemption as well. Is this the best place to ask about such issues, or is there a support email for this?

The problems I have so far are as follows:
Shift codes redeemed via VIP site show up as redeemed in game but Golden Keys are not added to my in-game total. The “My Rewards” page from the Extras -> Shift Codes menu in game shows that I’ve unlocked 5 keys, however the number of keys available for opening the chest is still the same as it was before I redeemed those codes. I have a series of screenshots to demonstrate this. This is occurring in Borderlands 2.
This also seems to be affecting certain VIP rewards, which I don’t think I’ve seen show up in game, such as the Weaponizer rewards. It shows that I’ve redeemed these (again, I have the screenshot) but I haven’t seen these in my inventory. The latter isn’t a huge issue for me as I’m using the UCP and Better Loot mod, so I can get these weapons without having to spend days farming them.

The second problem is that I have been playing BL1 GOTY Enhanced this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, to gain 4000 points (1000 per day plus 1000 for playing on all 3 days) but I haven’t seen any of these points show up in my profile yet. My game is definitely linked to my Shift account (I even used the Golden Chest in Fyrestone a few times yesterday).

Sorry - to clarify, I’m playing the Steam versions of each game.

Please let me know if you need any more info.


On the items not showing up in game: there does seem to be a lag between redeeming on the VIP site and things showing up, but it shouldn’t be that long. If rebooting and restarting the game doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to file a support ticket for assistance. Make sure you include your shift support ID from the in-game menu (instructions on the support form) and let them know you redeemed the codes via the VIP site.

For the second: the official game announcement on borderlands.com stated the points would be totalled on awarded on the 21st. If you don’t see them by the 22nd, that would be a problem.

I had a similar problem with B2 on my Xbox One the other day and had to do a hard restart of the game by killing it from the Xbox menu. When I restarted and it logged back in then my new guns, etc. showed up. Not all games handle the game hibernation that Xbox One does, especially when they have to log in to a separate server for certain functions.

Now, I should probably add this to another thread, but I had to do the same hard restart to BL GOTY last night and again encountered a startup problem I had previously. The sequence was exactly the same, so it’s more than a glitch. The first time I started, it got half way through the Blind Squirrel splash screen and hung while buzzing the last sound made. Second time, it hung when the acorn first showed up. Both times, it automatically went back to the desktop after a few seconds of being hung. Third time it started fine. In both cases it also hesitated at the Gearbox logo where the gears rotated. Something’s definitely out of whack there!


I keep forgetting that this is a thing on XB1 because I never use it - I always exit the game and then shut down when done for the night. But you’re right - having the game essentially running (even if it’s ‘sleeping’) is likely to cause problems with the item transfer because the SHIFT connection update only happens when you launch the game.