[BUG] Infiltrator Frigate

Hi Gearbox Devs,

Firstly, thank you for the great game. Secondly, I would like to report a visual bug with the Infiltrator Frigate. When the Infiltrator Frigate’s Pods hit a ship, usually an explosion effect takes place but it seems that randomly that effect does not appear. I like it when the explosion occurs as otherwise it shows the pod instantly rotate to be perpendicular to the ship’s hull it hit. I also wouldn’t mind it if the pods rotate before hitting the ship so they are already perpendicular but the explosion hiding this is also fine.

I know this is a minor bug but for me it breaks the immersion and I am a stickler for detail. If it is easy/quick to fix it, it would be much appreciated! Or it would be great if at least it could be added to the future TODO list :smile:

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Can any Dev possibly chime in on my post? Thanks in advance!

Very minor bugs are on the TODO list - behind a properly huge list of things decidedly not minor :wink:

Thanks for the reply Dave! I just wanted to know it was on the TODO list… no rush!