BUG**---Iron Bear crash, ever getting fixed?

I can’t make it to the end of SS, a single time in my Auto bear build. No matter what at some point before I can finish it, I’m going to get the “private virtual function call” error and crash the game.

This bug has been reported since the beginning of the game, not a single acknowledgement and still no fix.

Is this ever getting fixed Gearbox? Pretty damn gamebreaking.

Ugh it’s even worse after todays hotfix. I can’t even get past round 1 without crashing now. Please Gearbox.

This is legitimately the first time I’ve heard of this…and a cursory look at google isn’t showing me any other reports. Have you sent in a ticket? GBX isn’t typically reading through forums and Reddit, though there are GBX employees on here.

They said in their recent video about Maliwan that they are reading everything on Reddit and Forums and to keep reporting and making suggestions in these places. Yes I’ve reported it(on top of using the send/close on crash report over 100 times). Yes it’s pretty common, although not as much as it could be since most people find Iron Bear useless and thus don’t even use it. Beyond that you would be needing to doing an Autobear cancel build in order to be exiting iron bear enough for it to happen commonly to you. I’ve seen many topics on reddit about it however, and several streamers and their communities who have been experiencing and talking about it since the start of the game.

I mean I said it was a cursory glance. Now that I’m on break I’ve found a couple of other threads.

I wonder why I’ve never encountered it. Moze is definitely my least played VH but I still have at least a day played and two playthroughs, both of which used Autobear. Could be a compiler issue, some people reported that its tied to the Unreal engine.

Going to be that guy here: have you tried the “verify files” option in Epics launcher to try and repair? Or just reinstall?

Regardless, I’d submit another ticket until you get at least a “we’ve forwarded this information” response, or at least put this post in the Bug Report section where they’ll see it.

Yes I’ve both reinstalled and verified files. I’ve tried messing with all kinds of video settings and resolutions etc etc. It’s a UI issue of some sort as far as I can tell.

It’s a programming issue, actually, specifically when the pure virtual function does not exist, which is in most cases. It’s not supposed to be called in the first place. Basically, some trigger is looking for a particular function, can’t find it, and then reverts to the base call. So it’s basically that SOMETHING to do with Autobear (and it could literally be ANYTHING, welcome to programming bugs) is not finding its target. And since it seems to happen to you randomly, it probably does find it at least some of the time.

I don’t envy the dude/dudette whos going to have to figure it out.

When it happens, you are locked with Iron bears UI (with empty fuel), if you savequit without clicking the error box it completely screws up the UI . You can continue running around playing without clicking the error but you wont be able to see enemy names, item descriptions and obviously not have your UI. It’s pretty messed up :(’

So yes it’s specifically related to programming, and a function that shouldn’t be called, imo related to the UI.

I’d give them that information. I’d guess that the trigger is probably one of the gauges or something in the HUD for IB, and thats its a particular percentage of fuel or ammo or SOMETHING that is the actual function it can’t find.

But just putting that in a ticket would really narrow it down for them.

Oh I have sent them everything I can think of trust me. Coming to the forums to post is a last ditch effort for me after weeks of frustration wanting to enjoy my autobear build. I have hope that they just need a proper hardpatch for the fix and that’s why it hasn’t been addressed yet. But I suppose we’ll find that out real soon.

Just keep sending them in, tbh. I mean don’t spam them but every few days or whatnot that it’s still happening send another, maybe with a copy/pasted crash report. I’m sure they’re aware of the issue, but it could be that they’re having trouble finding it, or there are higher priorities, or that it needs to be part of the hardpatch. I try to keep good faith when it comes to stuff like this.

I’m sorry for your frustration though.

Sorry for my continued edits while you are replying. I have a habit of having many afterthoughts after I re-read what I posted several times.

No worries.