BUG - Irregular Customers sidequest

You have to flip 3 power switches, unfortunately one of them does not show the prompt or allow me to flip the switch which doesn’t allow me to progress further into the quest. The switch in question is underneath a tree trunk next to a pile of scrap.


I’ve got the same problem but mine is the one on the ground level that isn’t under the tree. The one under the tree and on the high platform worked fine

Having the same exact issue here, did either of you find a work around?

I restarted the game, which also loaded the Sep 19th patch. It works now, don’t know which fixed it.

I left the map and when I returned I was able to activate it :smiley:

I’m having the same issue. I’m sure that reloading the map will fix it. Just wanted to add that I interacted with the switch I’m having a problem with before I was supposed to in the quest. I’m sure that’s the cause of the bug.


I’ve got the same problem too, except I can’t activate either of the 2 breakers on the ground.
Really annoying :anger:

Late to the party but can confirm for any others falling trap to this that leaving the map and coming back works. I also interacted with the switch before I was supposed to and agree it’s likely this that bugs them.

I can further confirm this theory. I also interacted with the switch which is causing this problem.

Same here - tried to previously flip the exact switch I’m now unable to use during the quest.