[Bug] Item will not activate during match

I don’t know if anyone has ever experienced this, but I seem to run into this bug from time to time where an item will not activate despite having enough shards for it. The item shows up in the bottom right corner of the screen but if I try to activate it, I just hear a sound as if I was backing away from the item menu and it doesn’t activate. This has only occurred with Alani so far, so I’m not sure if it’s tied to her or the items in her loadout. It never happens when activating her epic healing piece, only the white skill damage and green cooldown reduction item.

I’ve had this happen a number of times. Generally when I die and respawn I can activate it within base. If I leave the base, then I have to wait again. It’s kind of weird. Recalling doesn’t seem to work.

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Same issue with Kelvin on a mission. Original post here Kelvin unable to purchase middle gear item

No workaround that I have seen, but it works itself out next game every time.

Sometimes happens to me as well. Usually I don’t need to wait for the next game to have this fixed, it resolves itself after around a minute with the item already being purchased.

I’ve had it happen where whenever I return to base the game will prompt me that I can buy a gear item, even when I’ve already bought it. When I leave base, the prompt usually disappears.

I also wonder if this is a similar case - the item is actually in effect but the prompt doesn’t go away? It’s pretty hard to do any testing though…

I might have to do some recording to see if that’s what’s happening and maybe trying to find a pattern=what causes it.