[BUG] Jump pads in prologue

Got the game recently, and guess what - can’t finish prologue because of Jump Pads.
On the first try I coudn’t use second one properly: I just “landed” mid air, just to die instantly. I spend all remainig “lives” trying to reach the other side, but - no, mission failed.
Started second time. Guess what - coudn’t make it through even first jump pad! Five times I started prologue just to get same result. Five!
Funny thing is, when I joined my friends lobby and played first story mission with him, I used jump pads without any trouble. Then, after returning to my prolouge - dead again. I spended almost 4 hours just trying to finish prologue. It isn’t fun. Would like some fixes for this stuff. =\

Tried doing this mission on this person’s account. The bug exists, but instead it made me levitate for a second or two before landing. The difference was that the poster has performance issues and I do not. Fixing required.