[Bug] Kleese's Pylons regarding his Rift Network Helix Upgrade

Kleese’s pylons do not work dynamically, when a new pylon is introduced to the network, only the new one reaps any benefit. For that reason I will explain with examples. First pylon goes down, acts like a normal pylon with the power of one, second pylon goes down, has the power of 2 pylons, but the first pylon still has the strength of a single pylon, same case with the third and fourth if the upgrade is taken for four pylons. The first remains the same throughout only working as well as it would alone. Oddly enough the lack of dynamic changes also works inversely as well in the case of a pylon that is fourth or third in the chain. In example: if the first 3 pylons placed would be destroyed you would assume the fourth to only be as strong as a single pylon, when actually it still retains the power of four, even if it is alone.