[BUG] Legendary gear display name, when picked up in game

I was playing The Saboteur, Advanced, non-hardcore, Marquis, Private, solo. The legendary gear I got was “The Modernista”.

The legendary dropped from the first boss, “Thrall Shift Supervisor Varl” is his name i think. When i picked up the legendary the name displayed on the screen was a very long 2 line string of garbage text. The only part of it I clearly remember is “player?”. It seemed like a database/code string. symbols and values, numbers and alphabet. I would estimate it was 2 lines of 30 characters. At first I thought i had found a legendary that I had never seen before, and the weird name was something comical Gearbox made up. However after the game, I saw “The Modernista” in my gear page.

Also, Please fix the terrible fps at the beginning of “The Saboteur”. AMD fx-6100. NVidia GTX 570, graphics info