Bug list and issues for Nov 9th patches I've found so far

-Sntnl Cryo 100%, Gamma Burt 115%, and Barrier Crit anoint now no longer work on weapon swap. Once you find a way to revert these bugged anoint changes, please fix autobear 130% fire anoint and 200% asa on weapon swap anoints to work on weapon swap instead of losing it on weapon swap as well. >(terror stacking not going above 1 to 2 stacks of terror along with ammo regen and terror skulls or anything affected by terror) .

-Can’t spend skill points earned while lvling up in arms race after exiting arms race w/o save+quitting. Say, I go from 17 to 18 in arms race, can’t spend skill point when returning to sanctuary but if I continue on with the campaign and go from 18-19 outside of arms race (after I earned that one point from 17-18 and not save quitting), I can spend ONE skill point unless I save quit. After save+quit, only then do I earn/can spend the TWO I earned.

-Can’t fast travel to vehicles from menu (or icon on some maps)

-When specced into blitz (amara), can’t properly interact with orb/ball

-New menu UI terrible for pc/keyboard. Sometimes need to spam inventory menu 9 times to exit. Terrible while in arms race and need to act fast. Get this weird backpack icon the hell out of here.

-Can’t directly drop items that are equipped. Have to move item to backpack and then drop from backpack. But why doe? - Not fixed even noted it was fixed in Nov 19th patch, still cannot drop items from inventory while using mouse- have to use arrow keys on keyboard

-Sometimes typhon stashes and eridian writing don’t appear in maps (don’t know if recent patch fixed this one or not) - Possibly fixed

-Artifacts not dropping at min lvl 27 in arms race, spawning @ low lvl results in NEGATIVE bonuses

-Amaras cryo action skill element not working for most skills

-Amaras orb still blocked by terrain

-Iron cub not scaling with mayhem - Fixed

-Fl4k bot AI broken with new com, pausing and looking at sky and ground trying to target and kill itself and sometime you. Bull loader super slow, can’t keep up

-when Iron Bear/Cub end with an on exiting Iron Bear anoint, game crashes

-Zane mnts cannon bugs cooldown and no longer visible/usable if used too quickly

-Zane green tree changes/skill swap = ??? wat.

-Can’t use mouse in new inventory system on PC to select items. Cannot drag and drop between menus either.

-Second winds no longer reward kill credit on enemies you shoot/have been shooting if teamate kills them

-Heavyweight Harker (arms race boss) dropping loot under the map on edges of arena.

-Duct Tape mod still has 8 second cooldown, not 4 seconds.

-Distributed Denial still does not work with just about any shield other than booster shields.

-Crash to desktop when opening vending machine while running up to it


Did you file tickets for any of those? For bugs not related to dlc content, I could file a few tickets. I made one for the terror ase already

Whenever you load into a game, your character will reload their held weapon for some reason, even though it should start off reloaded anyways.

The Skill swap on Zane was intended, they did the same thing on his blue tree.

Didn’t submit any tickets, no.

The forums is not GBX’s goto source for bug reporting so PLEASE be my hero and file bug reports on the 2K support site. Remember, Christmas is around the corner and I would love to add you to my nice list. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I submitted a request @ support.2k.com asking this:

Here is the response:

I’d be glad to upload a video of the issue, but I’m uncertain if this individual knows who Zane is.
Feeling a bit hopeless.



Perhaps my previous request was a bit too cryptic, so I gave it another go.

Here’s my attempt at rephrasing the question,

Honestly though, with the growing number of issues listed here, I’m thinking it was unintentional.

Also, Fl4k Ion loader’s attack command not working.

The support are not devs they are not even gamers for the most part. They are just here to filter what is actually submitted to the devs, in order to do so they apply a standard procedure( basically reading you a list of scripted questions).

Don t let it discourage you! The most important part is the video recording at the end it is what will help the devs correct the bug: show clearly your tree , inventory and mayhem and a good view of the steps to reproduce bugs that will help them understand what went wrong


Yes. This drives me nuts. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

There are some other similar issues with the map. A couple of times, the Fast Travel icons disappeared (they were still there and highlighted when I moused over their locations, just the icons vanished… they were still functional). And sometimes available side mission markers would disappear too. Fairly often, other icons on the map don’t react when selected/moused over (supposed to show rewards, name of side mission, etc.)

And I think it’s on the Bloodsun Canyon map, I can’t place custom waypoints. And it seems like on the Arms Race map, every time I place a waypoint it’s always way up in the sky (seems to ignore all actual map terrain so it won’t place down in gulleys, etc.)

cool, I’ll send a video

So my text wall ticket regarding the anoints bugs with swap plus the specific bugs of Fl4k and Zane anoints has officially reached devs, now will we have a patch for Christmas ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My hero! :heart_eyes:

Zane shoulder cannon , indeed gets stuck .
Shame , I really like it !