[BUG] Lore & Rank mastery won't complete

In the command menu (list of all the characters) when hovering on Alani it says 50% Lore and rank mastery and when selecting her and getting on her page it then says 100% lore and rank mastery (which is the proper one).

So it doesn’t unlock the “master” title nor does it award the character specific legendary gear or the corresponding skin.

it DID however award the taunt for completion of “lifeguard” so I’m thinking it’s because of the match history bug of nowadays maybe… and the bug is because it doesn’t recognize (probably) a game at rank 15 ??? which I have been for “years” now ?

Oh well… :astonished:


posting pics to link this thread to support

Showing 50% (this is wrong) :

Showing 100% (this is correct) :

100% lore :


Interrestingly today the match history was back and I could take this screenshot of yesterday’s awesome match (we were loosing for the whole match and behind by a lot, until the last minute for a fantastic comeback : awesome new incursion map btw :blush: !):

Missing Abyssal skin :


Missing master title :

Gear bank showing that “Emulan Tincture” hasn’t been awarded :

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Yeah, I have the feeling that the “Failed to Receive match history” borks challenges that were completed in that match. Though I thought the update would fix it? Why don’t you try playing a match as Alani. If that doesn’t do anything a support ticket is probably a good idea. Maybe even a post on the topic about this particular error.

Same here. Level 15, 100% lore, no Master, no Legendary. Well . . . ?

P.S. Playing a match with Alani unlocked one taunt but still no title or leg.

Do you try to do a match or a mission after the update? I obtained the Montana’s taunt after did a match.

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This. I got a Montana taunt (because his Peacekeeper achiev went down) and Whiskey’s legendary (because I’d killed OM more than 5 times but not 25 yet) after I played a match.

I also have the same issue, I have played two matches with Galilea and her mastery challenge has not completed nor have I received her legendary. Although I did receive the achievement for completing all her lore the legendary was not unlocked for me. I put in a support ticket so we’ll see what happens! :smiley:

Yea, same issues here.

I have also submitted a ticket for the same issue

After you get all the mastery challenges and lvl 15. You still have to play one more match before you get the title. I discovered this from a streamer I was watching. That’s what I had to do for Mellka’s mastery.

I noticed Whiskey Foxtrot is also at 50% in the Battleborn tab for me (Though the INFO tab displays it as the correct 100%) even though I had completed all his Lore and reached rank 15 before the update. Playing one game with WF did not fix this, though fortunately I had already gotten his skin, title and legendary.

Edit: All of my other Lore and Rank mastery percentages have now dropped to below 50% on the Battleborn screen.
For example Ambra is displayed as 43% despite being at 93% in the Info tab.
El Dragon is at 13% despite actually being 23%
Deande 13% when actually 33% and so on.


Of course I did, since I said I suspected the “match history” thing…

Same here…


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After you did the one that awarded the taunt (recognizing the lore completion), did you do another?

I had hoped that getting a few more air kills with Thorn’s Volley skill would’ve triggered the challenge, but that wasn’t the case

Happened to me too. Got the legendary for atticus after playing with him and the taunt from whiskey(because he would completed too), but I didnt get his legendary nor his mastery.

After playing multiple games with him now it didnt get his leg. It registered the achievment though for unlocking his lore, but I still miss his legendary…

Nope, but then : look at the post just above this one :



The same goes for me. I have Galilea at a level 15 and all of the lore challenges are complete but I don’t have a title.

WAIT :scream: !!!

How do I contact support to get those things sorted ???


I’m Glad its not just me, i’ve had so many problems with the Lore not completing and awarding the gear and mastery since i downloaded the patch. I sent a ticket into gearbox hoping for a fix, this is jsut downright disappointing as I had 9 characters unlock with the new lore changes. Now im just stuck

I would try it, since that’s how it is supposed to work.

Well I just did… Just finished a match seconds ago. To no avail…
But then, seeing how so many people are reporting their lore challenges stuck and not getting their legendary gear, skin and title : not surprised…

Oh well, let’s just hope…