Bug main mission "Bloodyrace"

I have a bug in chapter 17 “Bloodyrace”. When I am on the deck of Sanctuary the transmission of the twins is done that in the oral I have no visual.


In addition, once the discussion is over, I have no objective except to go to Pandora. And when I go there is no lens update.
I tried checking from Epic games, uninstalling and reinstalling, and updating my graphics card.
I have no more solutions :frowning:

PS : I’m french so sorry if my english is not great ^^

Go to The Droughts and meet with Vaughn, he will point you a way.

I just went to see Vaughn and nothing happens…

I think I solved the problem …
With my FL4K I was stuck in “Watch Monitor”, I didn’t have the video on the TV. I simply deleted the “profile.sav” and “1.sav” then I relaunched and I had the video so maybe it will solve for “Bloodyrace”, I just have to go with my FL4K xD