Bug makes it impossible to finish missions on Eden-6

I have finished all of the visible side missions on the map and also the ones you see on the lists online. And yet, the game says I have one missing on Floodmoor Basin. It’s honestly hella annoying how this game is full of bugs. Then I went to Pandora to cool off a bit and it happened again. 6/8, no more missions available. Anyone know a solution so I don’t throw this game on a dumpster? Thanks

There is a burger delivery mission available once you finish side mission on Promethea. Similar in Devils Razor on Pandora.


Can you tell me which side mission on Promethea, please??

“Rise and Grind” then “Dynasty Diner”. DD unlocks delivery mission in Floodmoor Basin and Devils Razor.


I’ll check. Thanks!

You were right! Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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