[BUG] Marquis zoom locks on to sentry no matter what

I would post this in support but I’m sure it happens across all platforms (I’m on PS4).
As you see in the video I go to aim at the thumper and once I zoom in, it automatically zips over to the center of the sentry. I’ve had this bug on both sentries. It has been severe to the point of me standing beside the new geometry blocking your view to the last sentry looking at someone at the door of the enemy spawn on Overgrowth and when I zoom in it turns me a good 45 degrees to the sentry. I’ll see if I captured this on the stream too.

Aim Assist on console systems is a problem in general, and Battleborns implementation seems more problematic than most.

LMAO, i’ll be following someone shooting them and then all of a sudden I make something like a 30deg turn and aim at something completely different. There goes another kill.

I have the same thing happen with Thorn on the sentry and Toby’s Arc Mines for some reason.