[Bug] Master of Orendi bugged + "Scout" title bugged

Hey guys, I’ve got a problem here. Last Sunday I reached character level 15 with Orendi, lore completed, and played fairly over 5 games since I “completed” her but the master skin and title are still locked. Now, I see there’s a lot of similar threads around but every time after completing a mission to unlock them the servers crashed (?) and got “match history retrieval error” so I’m just worried the data might be corrupted. Those match data saving errors were plenty during the weekend, especially yesterday on Monday (I couldn’t complete a single mission without the error).

Here’s screenshots for proof.


And another, similar unlocking problem is the “Scout” title which you get for playing an Eldrid 25 times. I still don’t have it eventhough I have the “Observer” title (for winning 100 times as an Eldrid…)

GBX pls fix.

xx beya

A friend have his problem too but with Ghalt… and the first game he did finish after reaching the level 15 has the “match history” bug.