[Bug - Minor] Long loading at character select

When going to choose a character there is a long pause. It just says random and takes 5-6 seconds to load the characters to select. I’m first one into the screen and one of the last ones to end up selecting because there’s nothing to choose.
Issue was not present during betas.
System exceeds recommended specs. (by quite a bit)
OS and games running off of 2 separate SSD’s.

More of an annoyance then anything else, but at your leisure please.


Same issue, just got done with some basic trouble shooting (restarting, running it without other programs, verifying the cache, etc), but didn’t show any results. It’s infuriating me a surprising amount for such a little bug, keep trying to get my Thorn legendary, but I can’t even manage to play her anymore.

Windows 10
970 SLI
16 GBs RAM
850 Pro

Same issue here. I’ve noticed people get to select their hero much faster than I do.