Bug/mistake on my part

So I started a new moze the other day, mainly because I wanted to do main story for legendary rewards, the promotion going on right now. I had finished the first vault and watched Maya die and went to sanctuary. It had been a bit since I leveled up and got appropriate gear. I talked to ava and then Lilith and decided before they finished talking to go to stormblind complex to make a loot run before continuing on with main quest. So I got to the complex and had the cloud kill in my hand. I was like wow this is cool and decided to push through a run. Thats the first bug. I kept it equipped the whole run and decide to try and extract it not to lose it. Which I was unable to but it ended up in my inventory anyway after I left the area and returned to sanctuary. Now this is where the big problem comes in. I continued through the story, im almost done with eden 6 however my 4th gun slot has not unlocked and I’m 99.9% sure this should have unlocked after I got the cloud kill after first vault. I’ve done allot of missions but now I’m thinking there is no way to open that slot up. Does anyone know a work around and or has this bug been reported yet? I was intent on running through as fast as possible as this is my 6th moze and my 21st character im playing. Anyway if anyone can help I’d appreciate it. Im on Xbox one so if your close to finishing the first vault feel free to invite me my name is shinySOULstabbR and maybe that could correct the issue. If this is a bug please let me know as ill report it in the proper section thanks.

Ouch that’s a silly bug. Unfortunately the only way to fix it on Xbox is to replay that mission with someone who hasn’t done it before. Good luck.

Thats what I was afraid of. Thanks

Had something similar happen in BL2. Coop partner disconnected and missed the mission giving the 4th weapon slot. She didn’t realize until we were too far into the story for her to go back on her save and get it. Luckily we were on pc and could edit in the sdu to get that 4th slot opened.

Moved you. to the on-line play section, since that’s likely the only way to fix this right now. Hopefully someone can help out.

Ok thank you. Let me ask, if I finish play through 1 or normal vault hunter mode will doing true vault hunter mode fix this?

Hmm, that’s an interesting fix if it works. I’m inclined to say probably not, but I’d be interested if you wind up testing this.

I would help you out, but I’m on PC now.

Well I still have a long way to go through normal mode so it maybe awhile before I can test that. I would assume that if true mode is exactly the same and rewards the same guns for each quest it should open that slot as well. I feel like something like this happened in either bl1 or bl2 and that fixed it.

actually, it may, it is after all a replay of everything just a little harder, the only reason you don’t seem to get those in the 2nd play through is you’ve already got them in the first, so if you don’t have it then you should get it.
But should have a couple/few low levels that haven’t gotten that far yet, will have to check and see

Hey guys just an update. I did finish playbthrough one story mode. Im going to keep leveling to 65 before starting true mode and getting to that point to see if the weapon slot will proc. I just didn’t want to do true mode without being level 65 first so all rewards are highest level. I’m currently at level 52 like I said finished all story mode and still only have three weapon slots. Thanks again and I’ll keep you up to date.

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Thank you for the update.

Ok so almost there i just have to get past katagawa in atlas hq and then in to the mission. I’m on true vault hunter mode and will most likely finish this mission tonight and see if this fixes my issue. At work now so keep your fingers crossed. I do think this will fix but if not the biggest problem isn’t the 3 guns it is harmonious havoc not getting the full 6 slots boost. But oh well thisbis my 5th moze so ill just do another one if it doesn’t work.

Ok gang finished the mission and yes it did proc the fourth spot for weapons. So we can confirm that if you do something stupid like I did in playthrough 1 you can fix it via playthrough 2. I also took a couple of pics and since I’m on Xbox I recorded it but unfortunately you’ll only be able to see video on Xbox live. Hope this helps anyone who has had something similar happen to them as well. Thanks everyone.

Sweet, that is good to know since I’ve done this before in bl2. Thank you for the follow up.