[BUG] Montana lore not counted (4/5)

I reached rank 15 with Montana and played 1 more match got that checked. somehow i completed all the 5 lore challenges but the game says its 4/5 done please help >.<

I have the exact same issue, but with Caldarius.

I have even played several extra missions trying to redo all the challenges with no luck. Seems like there are a few other posts popping up about this happening to other people on random characters. So hopefully it gets addressed soon.

oh, glad I’m not the only one. hope they release a hotfix or something for it :slight_smile:

I have the same problem but with Deande…

I have the same problem, I completed his lore, but haven’t got his legendary.

Here are some screenshots.

As you can see, his legendary is not in my bank.

I have the same problems ,but with miko.

Any solution?

Same issue with boldur, I’m on PC as well.

Man, still no word on this? I have this issue with Caldarius, and it is kind of breaking the game for me. Like I can’t play the game and work on another characters lore knowing I could be doing it for nothing.

Between this problem, and the game going on sale 3 weeks after it launches ( I preordered it like a tool) I kind of see this game going south, which sucks because I really like it.

C’mon Gearbox, get with it!

i have contacted the customer support and after giving them all my support id , email etc and a video clip of the problem. i got my skin and title for Montana after few days . atm i’m just waiting for them to give the missing gear. so my advice for anyone who got the same problem as me is just send a ticket for the customer service team and provide them with all the information they ask you about and hopefully it will be solved within few days by the Dev’s

I don’t know about the other mentioned characters, but i know from experience how to counter it with Montana. I know everyone keeps saying “go to the Archive mission, and use it on the groups of Varelsi. Rinse and repeat”, but i think i found a better way, especially with this broken lore challenge. Go to the SENTINEL mission, and when the elevator reaches the bottom, quickly kill all the Jennerit in the courtyard. Then you’ll have 6 sentinels to work with, who can be repeatedly slowed to complete the lore, but who, if you aim at thier legs, won’t die.


What we are saying is that WE completed the lore but WE DON’T HAVE the lore gear, not how to complete the lore challenges.

Ah, my bad; i thought this was the same bug i keep reading about, where it doesn’t count the 5 concurrent slowings. I’ll leave my comment in case someone else makes the same mistake though.

Sending a support ticket seems the way to go with this issue.
I just got a reply saying they are going to send the data to the right department and the they will contact me when the issue is solved, or so.

Wait, guys… you haven’t submitted any support tickets yet? Please. Go do that. If everyone that it happened to does it, then they’ll notice.

Same problem here but with Ambra stuck at 3/5 : (