[bug?] Montana: No Charge for the Evaluation...Not counting kills

I started the day with 3/50 kills with lumberjack dash, and the intention to complete some of these. First game, dashed into enemy and as soon as Montana’s body made contact, the enemy died. after game,still 3/50. I have now played 20 or so games(all with Montana) and have got a kill on contact with Dash at least 10 times, but I am only at 4/50. I can’t remember anything special about the game i went from 3 to 4, just another game with another dash kill.

There is definitely something wrong with how this is being counted.

maybe the 2nd Helix choice is dealing the damage, instead of Dash itself. Maybe something is lost in the “record game stats” system. Maybe your bosses are more worried about pushing out those new levels/heroes, Tap app, or game breaking bugs…than they are with fixing the code you created 2 years ago.(my boss too) :wink:

I’d guess it’s the helix. There’s some issue with some helix choices causing skills to not count damage properly.

Tap app, levels, and heroes are almost definitely are done by different teams anyway, so that’s not any real reason.

It was the Helix. I was able to complete this challenge using the level 2 helix “The Ol’ One-Two” which knocks enemies into the air.